High quality courtesy products Made in Italy

Sydex is a cosmetics and courtesy line production company for hotels, tour operators, airlines and shipping companies, wellness centres, bed & breakfasts and accommodation facilities in general. 

We follow our customers in all phases, from graphic design to the creation of customized lines, offering innovative and high-impact solutions, guaranteeing high quality and offering exclusively made in Italy products.

Baby & Kit

Inspired by Noah’s ark, our kit dedicated to the little ones features an animal on all the vials that will climb aboard the cardboard box that contains them.


An ancient Native American proverb reads: “the earth does not belong to man, it is man who belongs to the earth.”
Barks is a cosmetic line inspired by the wild universe of the forest.


Use aromatherapy to donate well-being both physically and mentally and emotionally not only through the olfactory use of essences, but also through their topical use.


Elem ents is born from the strength of natural elements. Water, Air, Earth and Fire, four decisive elements create a unique mix of colors and scents that will give life to a magical sensory experience.


The Karisma line is a refined line that leaves no one indifferent, suitable for any type of accommodation facility. Designed in different formats and packaging to satisfy every need for practicality and comfort.


Olive oil is ideal for those who choose natural cosmetics. The olive tree, a secular tree, is deeply and inextricably linked with all the peoples and cultures of the Mediterranean, the cradle of civilization.

Mya Argan

Mya Argan, with a light Asian touch and a breath of exotic sensuality, is a perfect combination of elegance and quality.
Argan oil is a real concentrate of virtues for the beauty of skin and hair.


Mya Collection is inspired by the Tree of Life for a complete and refined line of cosmetics in various formats. An interweaving of the generating force from which the branches and leaves grow and the richness of the generated fruit.

Natural Care

The Natural Care line is a collection inspired by the formulations of the wise herbalists of the past who mixed scientific and practical knowledge of the virtues of Mediterranean herbs, flowers, fruits and spices typical of our tradition.


The Nòreys cosmetic line with its mysterious blue aura refreshes the senses in a strong embrace. The citrus notes of lime and bergamot meet the refined spices of cardamom and ginger.


Elegant in their simplicity, these cardboard boxes, preciously finished in relief and hot silver printing, can enrich any Sydex cosmetic line.


Inspired by white, WHITY is a captivating line for its versatility. Authentic and free from excesses, with a fresh and young fragrance, it is perfect for those looking for an essential but refined style.