Practical, comfortable, and functional, a range of supplementary products to meet all your guests’ needs.
Elegant in their simplicity, these cardboard cases, exquisitely finished with embossing and hot silver stamping, can enhance any Sydex Natural Care cosmetic line.

Cuffia Doccia
Shower Cap

Indispensable and never superfluous accessory, enclosed in a convenient pouch

Kit Cucito
Sewing Kit

Our sewing set is the ideal accessory to deal with any small emergency in style and practicality. Inside this set you will find a selection of essentials, including buttons of various sizes, a safety pin, a durable needle, and a range of threads in assorted colors.

Kit Denti
Tooth Kit

Our exclusive dental hygiene courtesy set is a perfect combination of care and style. Inside you will find a fine toothbrush with brush covers and a tube of toothpaste formulated and manufactured by us. Every detail reflects our dedication to quality and care, providing you with a complete dental hygiene experience.

Set Rasatura
Shaving Set

Composed of disposable razor and 100% Made in Italy shaving gel of our own manufacture. Enriched with emollient and dermoprotective substances, it gives your skin extraordinary protection and nourishment. Its texture transforms into a rich, soft lather, preparing your skin for an irritation-free shave.

Spugna Lustrascarpe
Shoeshine Sponge

A convenient soaked sponge for quick and convenient polishing.

Vanity Kit
Vanity Kit

A compact-sized kit that flawlessly meets your personal care needs. This assortment provides you with an array of essential tools that ensure that your appearance is always flawless, no matter where you are. The high quality of our products blends in harmony with the practicality of this kit, giving you a complete care experience. Inside you’ll find makeup-removing pads, created for gentle removal of makeup and impurities, a file to keep your nails in perfect shape and care, as well as cotton swabs for targeted and thorough attention.

Sample Kit
Sample Kit