The disinfectant action of ALCOGEL ensures effectiveness and safety both in professional settings and in everyday life. Practical and useful in all situations. Essential when handling food, but also in educational environments or public places. It acts immediately and requires no rinsing.


Salviette igienizzanti
Sanitizing wipes
Alcolgel Espositore
Alcolgel Display
Alcolgel flacone 1L
Alcolgel 1L bottle
Alcolgel flacone spray 100ml
Alcolgel 100ml spray bottle
Piantana in ferro zincato
Galvanized Iron Freestanding
Alcolgel 10 bustine da 5ml
Alcolgel 10 sachets of 5ml
Alcolgel bustina 5ml
Alcolgel sachet 5ml
Alcolgel salvietta igienizzante mani
Alcolgel Hand Sanitizing Wipe
Dispenser a rabocco con dosatore a fotocellula
Refillable dispenser with photocell dosing system
Alcolgel flacone 100ml
Alcolgel 100ml bottle
Alcolgel tanica 5L
Alcolgel Canister 5L
Dispenser a rabocco con dosatore manuale
Manual refillable dispenser with hand-operated dosing
Alcolgel spray tanica 5L
Alcolgel 5L Spray Canister
Alcolgel flacone 500ml
Alcolgel 500ml Bottle