Nova Special

A special product line tailored to the needs of the HORECA sector.

Hand Dishwashing

Liquid detergent for hand washing dishes with a lemon scent and neutral pH.

Stoviglie a mano – Essenza limone
Hand tableware – Lemon essence

Automatic washing

Liquid detergent for automatic washing

Brillantante Lavastoviglie
Brillantante Lavastoviglie
Detergente Lavastoviglie
Detergente Lavastoviglie


Product ready for use, designed to instantly remove any type of stain (grease, oil, pen and marker ink).

Nova Ink
Nova Ink

Floor Cleaners

Neutral pH cleaner for floors and generally washable surfaces.

Peach Passion
Peach Passion
Orange Flower
Orange Flower
Lotus Dream
Lotus Dream
Lavapavimenti – Profumato Orange
Floor Washer – Orange Scented
Lavapavimenti – Mela Verde
Floor Washer – Green Apple
Lavapavimenti – Blue Fresh
Floor Washer – Blue Fresh

Hand wash

Gentle liquid soap suitable for hand cleaning in catering activities, in hotels, and in communities in general. Colorless with a pleasant fragrance.

Sapone lavamani
Hand wash soap

Laundry Detergents

Liquid laundry detergent for washing machines, suitable for washing all types of linens. Effectively acts on the toughest stains without fading fabrics, leaving a delicate and lasting fragrance on treated garments.

Detersivo lavatrice – Classico Intenso
Washing machine detergent – Intense Classic
Detersivo lavatrice – Fresco Intenso
Washing Machine Detergent – Fresh Intense

Fabric Softeners

Fabric softener for washing machine laundry. Gives laundry lasting softness and a delicate fragrance.

Ammorbidente – Blue Fresh
Fabric Softener – Blue Fresh
Ammorbidente – Rosa inglese
Fabric Softener – English Rose

Fragrance Dispensers

Highly fragrant product for room deodorization. Neutralizes bad odors, giving a fresh and lasting fragrance in the environments in which it is used. Suitable for deodorizing hotel rooms, restaurant halls, bathrooms, changing rooms, offices, etc.

Good Fragrance
Good Fragrance