Sydex Spa


Sydex Spa is a company with over twenty years of experience in the production of professional and industrial cleaning products.

The Smartest Solution

Sydex Spa was founded forty years ago as a manufacturer of detergents for the dairy industry. Since then, our mission has always been to ensure comprehensive solutions that provided protection, safety, and sanitation throughout the entire food supply chain, which has progressively expanded to include sectors such as slaughtering, livestock, fresh-cut produce, canning, confectionery, and bottling.
The journey has been long, and over time, our range of cleaning products has enriched, progressively offering hygiene, cleaning, and sanitization solutions that cater to the needs of any business and hospitality structure, as well as Home Care.

We leverage our expertise to serve those looking for innovative solutions, working alongside our customers by providing them tailored, targeted, and comprehensive programs that assist in protecting their environments and facilities, as well as caring for their personnel.

With determination, we refine our range of solutions and patent new lines that merge tradition and innovation.

Our crowning achievement has been the Courtesy Lines for hotels, particularly successful for airlines and shipping companies, and the Disinfectant sector. In these sectors, we have demonstrated how our solid roots deeply anchor in the culture we belong to, and our projects are built on an in-depth understanding of the top-quality raw materials we use.
In our laboratory, bespoke products are formulated for every need, and our production facility ensures in-house completion of all processes, from blowing bottles to printing labels.
Thanks to this, we have earned the trust of numerous companies, which we always reciprocate by giving our utmost commitment.